In 2017, the environmental-friendly and flame retardant functional window-based decoration fabric was certified by the Municipal Engineering and Technology Research Center and then the nameplate was awarded. The company’s products rapidly increase the share in the market in the high-end window-based decoration fabric market through the relentless technological innovation as well as the independent intellectual property rights. The following contents are the specific objectives and the main research affairs of the project:

  • The missions of research and development: the technological research and development of the flame-retardant curtain fabrics, and finally ten technical achievements were finished, at the same time, the upgrading of four types of environmentally-friendly flame retardant functional window-based decoration fabric products were completed.
  • The talent cultivation and team’s establishment: The company has 27 staffs for research and development, and it will introduce one top-;level talent and then train two talents with middle and top-level.
  • The task of running open and technical distribution:
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Feature customization

Technology R & D
Through the exchanges and cooperation with the higher colleges and science and research institutions, the Center has absorbed some advanced technologies and established strategic partnerships for technological cooperation with the higher colleges and science and research institutions at home and abroad, what is more, most of technical resources with international competitive advantages are also obtained to provide services for company with an international market.
Technology R & D
The company has laid serious stress on products’ intellectual property maintenance, and registered a variety of trademarks. Alongside that, the company also has obtained a number of related intellectual property rights through independent research and development. By increasing the investment about research and development, the company will seek to build a more complete engineering and technical research center of environmentally-friendly flame-retardant window-based decoration fabric with the advanced technological advantages and research and development advantages as well as the ability to produce and implement some technology development services, which will enable the company to successfully complete the check and acceptance of the municipal engineering technology center.